What Type of Insurance do Beauty Salons Offer?

Beauty salons offer some of the most luxurious and exclusive treatments and therapies available, from stylish massages performed by professional masseurs all the way to painless hair removal services. A few decades ago, it became law for all spas and salons to obtain suitable insurance and these days many facilities are covered for anywhere between $1 million and $5 million, should any unforeseen events arise.

Although these insurance policies apply to the salons themselves, they are in place to cater to the safety and protection of customers that use the facilities, or those that are exposed to treatments. Many salons go even further to ensure the security of their clients by requesting that their employees (namely practicing therapists) also seek their own insurance cover, but what types of incidents do these insurance policies cover?

Damage or injury

Although very uncommon due to the extensive training that therapists are subjected to, there’s no guarantee that a therapy won’t have an adverse reaction with a client. Skin rashes and minor irritations can be typical, so seeking compensation for these events can often be dismissed in a court of law. More extensive injuries can certainly be filed against however, such as burns as a result of misconduct.

Refunds and deposits

If an appointment is missed, or if the client is unable to attend, then they may find themselves unable to reclaim their deposit. If the salon clearly defines that missed appointments are non-refundable, then the fault will lie with the customer. If however, a refund policy is in place for missed appointments, or if a session wasn’t quite as satisfying as expected, then the insurance can cover any losses to ensure that the customer receives their cash back.

Life-changing events

In the unlikely event that a machine fails to function as intended, or if a therapist does something that would be deemed dangerous, then it is possible that a customer may suffer as a consequence. When these events occur, it is the responsibility of the salon to ensure that their insurance policy can cover the costs of surgery, recovery and compensation in general.